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Customer Choice Financing

Have your cake and eat it too with customer choice financing!

Low Monthly Payments and the Option to Return After 36 Months!

Now, you're in the driver's seat before you even get into your new vehicle. Introducing Customer Choice Financing, an innovative way to purchase your vehicle, putting you in control with more benefits and options than traditional financing.

What exactly is Customer Choice Financing? Essentially, it's a long term loan that gives you three options at maturity:

  1. Return the vehicle
  2. Keep the vehicle and simply pay the residual balance
  3. Continue to finance the loan for the balance of the amortization period

Customer Choice Financing is not a lease - it's better because you own the vehicle. Yet it offers the freedom of choice of a traditional lease. Ultimately, it can make purchasing your new vehicle more affordable and may give you more flexibility to get into another new vehicle sooner down the road.


At Chrysler Canada, we truly want to make owning the vehicle you really want an affordable reality. That's why we introduced Customer Choice Financing, which combines greater value, flexibility and convenience all into one package. Specific benefits of this innovative financing program include:

  • Low monthly payments versus conventional financing and even the most competitive lease offers, making it more affordable to drive a higher-end vehicle
  • Provides shorter terms versus long term financing, giving you the flexibility to get into your next vehicle much sooner, so you can drive a new vehicle more often
  • Continue to choose from monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or semi-monthly payment frequencies
  • You maintain full ownership of the vehicle - unlike a lease there are no safety inspections, taxes, or fees applied if you choose to pay off the balance of your loan at the return option date
  • It's completely open, meaning it can be paid down or off at any time without any penalty whatsoever.
  • Vehicle Return Option Dates of 36, 48 or 60 months, and Amortizations up to 96 months

We are extremely excited to be able to offer this new alternative to Canadians.
For complete details about Customer Choice Financing, simply visit your nearest Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealer.

Purchasing a new car is an exciting venture that most people can do without a problem. With Lindsay Dodge in ON, we make the process simple for people who want to finance a new car. From the car selection to driving it off the lot, we can assist you with navigating through the entire process. However, when it comes to car financing at Lindsay, ON, you can count on Lindsay Dodge to lead you through no matter what your financial status is. Let's take a look at how you can get approved for a new ride today.

Some people get concerned because their credit score might not be that high, or maybe they don't have much credit at all. However, we look at several factors, not just your score. So, don't worry. We will review the whole credit history to see what factors are bringing down the score, and we take into consideration all situations.
When applying for financing to get a new car, we will also check your employment background. We are looking for a steady work history and current work status. If you have a reliable position now, that will be a positive indication for your loan. Also, other financial factors that could play a part include your debt-to-income ratio, which means how much you owe as opposed to how much you are bringing in.
When your credit is established, we will provide you with the best interest rate based on the credit review. Your rate may be higher or lower depending on the strength of your credit, but in most instances, you won't be denied. We will go over your total costs, including the interest, and discuss the financing terms that work best for your life. You can make repayments in 3-year installments, 4-year installments, 5-year installments, and sometimes even 6-year installments. The longer the time is, the lower your monthly payment will be, but the more you'll pay in interest. So, the term arrangement is up to what you can manage monthly. We will work with you to make it the best terms possible.
Get ready to stop by Lindsay Dodge and find your perfect car. That's the first step in the process. Once you find a vehicle you love, you can connect with our financing specialist. Drive home your new car today!

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