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How to Winterize Your Vehicle

How to Winterize Your Vehicle

How to Winterize Your Vehicle | A Winter Survival Guide For Your Vehicle

At Lindsay Dodge, we stock a wide array of excellent vehicles perfect for winter and offer numerous automotive services to prepare your current vehicle for winter. Our dealership strives to support customers in enjoying safe and secure commuting experiences throughout the seasons, making us the ideal dealership to visit for service, ordering parts, and shopping for a new vehicle.

5 Tips For Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter

1. Get New Wiper Blades

You will want maximum visibility during winter to remain safe and secure during your drives through the snow, slush, and ice. Although wiper blades usually only last six months to a year, you will want to invest in winter-specific blades with specially formulated rubber to withstand cleaning snow and ice off your windshield. Also, you will want to add windshield fluid rated for freezing temperatures to be able to melt ice off your windshield while driving.

2. Install Winter Tires

Winter tires are your best way to increase your vehicle's traction and control while navigating winter roads, making it vital to install a set of good quality and in good condition. Not all winter tires are made the same, so consider exploring different brands to find a set that suits the driving conditions of winter around your area. Also, if you are installing a used set from previous seasons, you will need to have it checked, and you should consult a professional to know which position to place your tires in for maximum safety.

3. Check Fluids

The colder winter climate can add more stress to your vehicle's various systems, which you can avoid by maintaining fluid levels and condition. Your vehicle's fluids can perform poorly when cold, resulting in less-than-ideal system performance. Avoid such issues by checking all fluid levels and conditions before winter, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and more.

4. Check Light Bulbs

While driving through winter conditions, you will want a clear windshield, but without properly functioning light bulbs, you won't have maximum road visibility. For example, your fog lights can help you navigate the road in a winter storm or fog, while your taillights will inform other motorists of your location while driving through such conditions. Take a walk around your vehicle and inspect all bulbs to ensure they work so that you can be visible to others, see what's ahead, and communicate with other drivers on the road.

5. Perform Any Outstanding Maintenance or Repairs

Nothing is worse than a vehicle experiencing issues, but the cold winter can elevate the severity of such issues to make your vehicle unpleasant to drive or unsafe. If your vehicle requires scheduled maintenance, book an appointment before winter and prepare for the driving season. However, if your vehicle requires repairs, make an effort to resolve those issues promptly to remain safe while driving through the winter. Visiting a trusted Service Centre will allow a professional to check the condition of your vehicle and advise you on what's required to make your vehicle winter-ready.

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