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Oil Change in Lindsay

Oil Change in Lindsay

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Here at Lindsay Dodge, we believe that there is nothing you can do to increase the longevity of your vehicle better than regular oil changes from a qualified service department like the one you'll find in our Service Centre. We have the tools, the staff, and the years of knowledge required to treat your vehicle right.

Perhaps more important than our fancy tools or expertise is our dedication to getting you in and out faster than you might even believe is possible. We know that this is not anyone's idea of a good time, so let's get you in, do good work, and get you back out again quickly and effectively. When you are ready, come and see us at 57 McLaughlin Rd, in Lindsay, or give us a call at (705) 324-6765 to book your appointment today!


5 Star Certified

We have been a 5 Star Certified dealer since 2000.


No Pressure

Our sales team doesn't work on commission, so you'll never feel pressured to buy.


Here for You

Let us know if there's anything you need help finding, we'll endeavour to get it for you!

Why Choose Lindsay Dodge

Lindsay Dodge - Expertise You Can Trust in Lindsay

Expertise You Can Trust in Lindsay

When it comes to oil changes, there is no replacement for experience and our team has that. We have changed more oils than we've had hot breakfasts, and it just gets better and more efficient every single time. You can count on us to get in and out with a surgical precision that is nothing short of a sight to behold.

Lindsay Dodge - The Right Tools, The Right Time

The Right Tools, The Right Time

Beyond expertise, what separates the professionals from the amateurs is tools, and we are all set over here at Lindsay Dodge. We have cutting edge technology that makes a standard oil change look like the moon landing but feel a pit stop in Formula 1. You won't believe what a difference cutting edge technology can make!

Lindsay Dodge - An Oil Change for All!

An Oil Change for All!

Hopefully we've done a good job of explaining why we are the right choice, and hopefully if you're here you'll book the appointment at all. Nothing is more important to your vehicle's longevity than regular preventative maintenance, so please, even if it's not with us, book the appointment today and let's get you all lubed up and ready to roll.

Lindsay Dodge - While We've Got You

While We've Got You

At Lindsay Dodge, we aren't just about bringing world class oil changes in Lindsay, we are a full service dealership offering quality to our customers day after day. No matter what your automotive troubles are we have the team and the tools to set them right for less. Come and see us for anything that might be ailing your pride and joy!

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